Hope House

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'” (Matthew 19:14)

Rescuing God’s children at death’s doorstep

Before Mallery Neptune moved to Haiti, she had a vision of opening an orphanage for abandoned children. At first her husband, Frentz, was against this vision. Growing up in Haiti he had witnessed orphanage after orphanage overcome by filth and corruption. He visited places that had fifty or more children with no bathroom, rats biting children’s toes and ears in the night, and nothing but porridge to eat, if there was any food at all. He wanted no part in it.

Mallery’s vision was for something much different.

She envisioned a house filled with love, nutrition, toys, and brightly painted walls. Loving arms to comfort children at all times. A clean environment where even the most malnourished children could regain strength to survive. A house filled with the HOPE of Jesus Christ – HOPE House.

Before moving forward in faith to start this home for children, Mallery and Frentz vowed they would not care for another person’s child differently than they would care for their own. The same food, education, medical care, love, and attention would be given to every infant and child that God brought through their gate. It would look less like an orphanage, and more like a family.

In a country where women on average have six or seven children, but can only afford to feed one past the age of five, abandoned and malnourished children are all too common. HOPE House was established as a toddler and infant care center for severely malnourished, wounded, or orphaned children. The primary goal is to provide everything necessary for the child to make a full recovery and return home to his or her family. However, by returning a healthy child to the same environment, we cannot expect a different outcome, which is why our Gift of Hope program is so crucial. (Empowering and providing mothers with skills and jobs. See Gift of Hope for more information.) Once the child has recovered, and the mother is earning an income, we are able to reunite a stronger, healthier family. Praise the Lord!

HOPE House is a licensed crèche, and in cases where the child has been abandoned or orphaned, HOPE House works with accredited agencies in the United States to adopt our children into loving, Christian families. (Current Haitian law states families must be between the ages of 30-50 years old and married for at least five years. Single women must be at least 35 years old. For more information or inquiries about adoption please email adoption@haitipoverty.org)

With a gift of $30 a month you can help sponsor one of Haiti’s most needy children through recovery at HOPE House. For only a $1 a day you can be part of saving a precious child’s life!  (Read more about sponsoring a child here.)

HOPE House will continue to provide exceptional care to God’s precious children in need. Make a donation to HOPE House today and see the results of your dollars in the lives and smiles of our children.


HOPE House regularly welcomes visitors. Here’s what some of our recent visitors have had to say:

“People pay good money to have their children in daycares that are not nearly as nice as this.” US Adoption Agency Representative

“Do not change a thing.” – IBESR representative (Haiti’s social services during an inspection to receive our license)

“I have traveled to orphanages all across Haiti and the Dominican Republic and I have never seen anything like this. You have set the standard for child care in Haiti.” Chief of police of Child Protective Services in Haiti

“I grew up in an orphanage and all I had to eat was cornmeal everyday. There was no bathroom or shower. Your floor is so clean I could eat off it.” A visiting Haitian who grew up in a substandard orphanage.

“Can you create more creche’s like this? Your compound is so clean and your kids are so healthy. Even the rich don’t keep their property this clean. There are over 250,000 kids living in the street. I wish they all had a place like this.” A member of the parliament in Haiti.