Giving Tuesday

Last year after Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti’s South, along with your help, we adopted the small rural village of Raynald. Over the course of the year, homes were rebuilt, clean water was restored, animals were replaced, and people were given medical care and necessary aid to survive. Along our journey, the elderly of the community became part of our hearts. Many of them have watched their children die and have no one left to care for them in their old age. Some are blind, others are unable to walk. They have wisdom and stories to tell for days, and yet they are forgotten and often left hungry.

With your help, last #givingtuesday we began an elderly feeding program so these precious souls could be served a healthy meal every day. Each recipient is in their nineties or early hundreds and unable to work or cook for themselves. They rely on this meal. And our funds have gone dry.

Would you please consider feeding the elderly in Raynald this #givingtuesday?

Here are a few realistic breakdowns of the costs:
$850 a month feeds 17 elderly a meal each day
and employs two women as cooks

So a donation of:
$12.50 supports daily meals for one person for a week
$50 supports daily meals for one person for a month
$212.50 supports daily meals for the entire feeding program for a week
$600 supports daily meals for one person for a year
$850 supports the entire feeding program for a month

We are so grateful for your support of any amount!