Haiti Foundation Against Poverty


HFAP is able to offer free education to our students by matching each child with a sponsor in the states. For $30 a month a sponsor can provide education, clothes, food, and medical attention to a child in need. Our children consider their sponsors to be their parents, and they are so thankful for the opportunity to go to school!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please email your address and contact information to information@haitipoverty.com . You may add if you prefer to sponsor a specific age or gender. We will send you a picture of a child and an informational packet in the mail.

Facts About Sponsoring-A-Child
How much of my sponsorship goes to my child?
a. 100% of your monthly sponsorship is spent on your childs needs. No administrative or transferring feeds are taken out.

Can I send a letter or a gift to my child?
a. Yes! Your child would love to receive a picture of you, a letter, or a gift!

Where do I send my letter/gift?
a. Please send all items for your sponsored children to: HFAP, PO Box 120105, Grand Rapids MI 49528. If you are sending a letter it will be taken to Haiti by the next missions team. If you send a gift, please enclose $5.00 for shipping. Your gift should fit inside a one gallon ziplock bag. Prepare in advance as it could possibly take 3 months before your child receives the gift in Haiti.

What would be a good gift to send?

a. The children are always thankful to receive extra money. Anything you send over your sponsorship amount will be taken to your child. The children are able to give it to their parents so they can purchase food or other necessities for their family. If you would like to purchase a gift to ship to your child, popular items include; granola bars, crackers, dolls, toy cars, hair bows, balls, clothing, soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, school supplies, etc.

If I come to Haiti, could I meet my child?
a. Absolutely! Your child would love to meet you! You are considered a godparent to them because you are the one who is providing for their daily needs.